Start Your Halal Business in 2019

Lets talk startups! There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur in most industries and cases theres no barrier to entry. The first question I ask my clients is "What comes easily to you and harder to others?" Thats the business you should start. Nothing wrong with starting in a "Niche" area to get a feel for business and expand your portfolio as you develop. If you're a Muslim Woman or Woman of Faith this is your time to start your first Halal business. Are you a seasoned entrepreneur? You can get in on the action too by shifting the focus of your business to cater to the Halal market. Faith is a big part of who we are as people and now we don't have to compromise on faith to build our empires.

Many of us have seen the advertisements featuring a Hijab wearing woman on bank ATM home screens, the sides of buses, on Fashion Runways and even Shampoo Ads. The word Halal written in arabic is recognized as quality meat and foods in most supermarkets attracting the muslim and health conscious consumer. Everyone seemingly wants in on the thriving Muslim consumers dollar. Rightfully so, Muslims will make up 25% of the worlds population by 2030. Globally the Halal industry boasts an estimated $6.4 Trillion in annual revenue. (Annual Revenue broken down by segment later in the article)

What does this mean for the "Novice Entrepreneur?" There is room for you to grow and do business in the Halal space! Even Cardi B wanted in on the action with her song "I Like It"(No. 1 Hot 100 song, $844 million in sales), in the first verse of the song, Cardi B can be heard saying: “Eating halal driving a lamb” she set Muslim Twitter ablaze with her tweet!! You can make your mark too as the Islamic Economy is in Overdrive and the need for Halal products and services in the mainstream.

Your business will most likely NOT be the 1st of its kind as many Halal businesses have been around for years but its not too late to get in on this trillion dollar industry. We compiled 5 Start-up ideas to get you started. You're Welcome!

1- Catering Company/Signature Halal Brand or Product

Halal Food is the top earner on the list and is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the word Halal. Create a Halal catering/Signature product (Crescent Foods has cornered the Halal market with Halal meat for public consumption) company supplying food to local stores, supermarket chains (Whole Foods, Shoprite) restaurants, community organizations and now schools are looking to serve Halal in their breakfast and lunch programs as a healthy alternative.

Here are the Halal Food Industry trends and forecast according to a recent Reuter’s report. The annual earnings/projections globally in the Halal Food and Beverage category according to the 2018/2019 Global Islamic Economy Report