How Writing a Book Changed My Life

Happy Saturday! As I opened my eyes this morning, I felt the urge to write. To share how I am able to change people's perspectives by simply sharing my story. I received an email yesterday confirming my talk in September on "Writing for Change", where we can engage people in Social Action through writing. It got me thinking, This time last year I was coming off the successful launch of my first book "Jennah's First Hijab", which is an fun, empowering and educational book on why girls wear hijab. I felt the need to write the book with so much intolerance in the adult world, if I could expose children to the positive side of cultural acceptance while they're young then we would have a bigger chance of changing the future. The book was well received with a 1000+ copies sold in it's first year. While the monetary accolades are nice, imparting change in the world was always the goal.

I'm sure you're wondering how I got here when just 4 short years ago, I was suffering from stress, anxiety, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I was drowning in a life that on the outside looking in was perfect. Perfect house, job, kids, vacations, friends you name it I had it. With all that, I was so unhappy and unfulfilled, searching for the next yoga class, gym class or other distracting activity that made it seem like I was doing this inner work but I was really interested in the Instagram photo op. Let's be honest the power of a mean selfie can do a lot for the ego these days. I was ripe for change, ready to step into everything that I wanted my life to be, none of it had anything to do with serving myself. Writing my first book and ultimately my latest book "Not Without My Hijab: 11 Steps to Reclaiming Your Faith" was about the other person. It was about the Woman or girl who had started earnestly down a path that she thought would lead to her happiness and ended up unhappy and unfulfilled because she didn't know why she had started down the road in the first place. The more I promoted the children's book the more women I found needed me to write my second book. Most of them purchased the children's to take a piece of the inspiration and empowering vibe I gave off at a workshop or lecture, but they wanted something specifically for them. I wanted to write the book I needed when I was the book to be like talking to a girlfriend, her telling you the God's honest truth and then giving you steps to follow to move forward. They know they want change in their lives but don't know where to start, they have convictions but they aren't firm in them and they have faith but in other people instead of in God and themselves. I was determined to see these women through to offer them what I had found as a saving grace for me and see if it could help them. Just over a year later I have a tribe of supporters who are enjoying my journey and slowly peeling back the onion in their own lives and discovering who they are for the first time. While I set out on the journey to help others, I ended up helping myself in the process. Here's how.

1- It opened me up to a world of good.