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The “Boss Hijabi “ Planner

Coming December 2019 we will be introducing “The Boss Hijabi Planner” for the Productive Woman of Faith!!!!!⠀⠀We have been working on the idea and design for the last 2 years and believe we have created an Organizational System that will work as a valuable tool to keep track of your many responsibilities as a woman.⠀⠀Our planner is ideal for the Professional Woman, entrepreneur, student and any woman of faith with a busy schedule.⠀⠀Our planner is designed to help you prioritize prayer, important tasks, schedule appointments, meet deadlines, take notes and most important track your results. ⠀⠀We chose our planners unique design so it can fit virtually anywhere, designer bag, briefcase, carryon and more. ⠀⠀Our planner will help you plan and succeed in every area of your life. (Faith, Family and Finances)⠀Pre-order your planner today for $44.99 !! ⠀DM the word planner for link!!! ⠀⠀Every successful woman plans her way to success!!! ⠀⠀Start your 2020 plan today!!! Every planner comes with a FREE LIVE WEBINAR to teach you how to plan your way to success using your Boss Hijabi Planner and FREE SHIPPING within the U.S.!!