Start Biz in 90 Days

Start Biz in 90 Days

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Join us for our 90 Program where we are helping 30 new and veteran business owners build profitable businesses. Attendees will receive a new 45 minute video each week along with PDF to follow along.

Here is what we’ll cover by week new Training Video Drops every Friday

Program Kick off June 4, 2021 and Ends August 27, 2020

Week 1 *LIVE: Laying The Foundation

Week 2: How to Show Up For Yourself: Consistency is Key

Week 3: Whats The Next Best Step: Overcoming Obstacles

Week 4: Whats Important to You? Faith, Family Finances and Fitness

Week 5: *LIVE: Who’s Your Target Audience

Week 6 *LIVE: Brand Story- Presence, Speaking, Whats Your Pitch

Week 7: How to Track Progress: Marketing, Funnels, Flow

Week 8: Boss Content Formula: Collaboration over Competition

Week 9 *LIVE: Types of Content: #BHSCONTENTCHALLENGE

Week 10: Weekly Time Management

Week 11: Matching Behavior to Results

Week 12: Know Your Numbers

Week 13: Practice Your Pitch *LIVE on Facebook Apply for Pitch Contest $1500

BONUS: Surprise Guest Each Month