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Secrets fo Divine Love Book + Class

Secrets fo Divine Love Book + Class

$25.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price

Through this book + class you will learn how to unlock your spiritual potential and unveil your divine purpose. A. Helwa uses a rational, yet heart-based approach towards the Qur’an that not only enlightens the mind, but inspires the soul towards deeper intimacy with Allah.

A portion of proceeds from this class will go towards ACC and Riba Free educational Loans for Women.


This option is for the CLASS ONLY!!


Class will run every Monday for 4 weeks in the month of May 2023over Zoom 6:00-7:30pm


May 15, 2023 Week 1:

Who is Allah?


How He Loves You Unconditionally


What Are Our Next Steps once we know who God is ?


Where do I see myself fitting into this world?


Is it Overwhelming? How can I make it less overwhelming? Stay the Path? What Tools and Resources do I have?


May 22, 2023 Week 2:

How to Have An Intimate Relationship with Allah?


Why having an Intimate Relationship with Allah (SWT) should be important to each of us?


In what ways can we work to embody Islam as a "Way of Life" (SPIRITUAL) vs a religion (QUANTIFIABLE)? Will this make it easier to live out our faith?


How can we rethink the way we approach Islam? Transform Ourselves to have a better experience and relationship with Allah (SWT)?


May 29, 2023, 2022 Week 3:

How to polish the mirror of your heart and experience God everywhere?


Class discussion on the Ways to Polish The Mirror of the Heart


Fasting, Meditation, Mindfulness, learning to focus and remove distractions from Prayer and in Life


June 5, 2022 Week 4:

How to master your ego and awaken your heart?


How to use what Allah has already given you?


Book Club Wrap Up



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