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Pray and Grow Rich: A Faith Choice

Pray and Grow Rich: A Faith Choice

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Pray and Grow Rich: A Faith Choice How to Achieve Massive Success without Compromising Faith Want to know “What’s Next for Women in Business after you Reclaim Faith”?  After writing Not Without My Hijab, in 2017 Halimah DeOliveira knew she needed to answer that question for herself. 3 years later she’s ready to share the sequel to her Award Winning Spiritual Self Help Book that quickly became the Boss Hijabi woman’s anthem, a national stage play and so much more helping many women see the value in their unique identities, forgive past mistakes and find the courage to create firm spiritual foundations and connections with God unapologetically. In Pray and Grow Rich, she takes the time to share her 9 Principles of Success through personal experiences with Faith, Family, Finances and Wellness and how they individually and collectively help us to achieve massive success. She invites you the reader along her journey and that of a few of her Business Besties, in hopes that you will use her story as a guide to create your own Success story!  In her signature style Halimah offers up her own missteps and lessons with regards to Faith and growing up poor in NYC. Through these life experiences she shows us how they shaped her into the woman she is today. She helps us to come face to face with ourselves, to do “The Necessary Work” to take our lives to the next level through her 15 minute exercises at the end of each chapter.  Pray and Grow Rich promises to bring Halimah’s bubbly, infectious, elegant, over the top personality and fervor to serve on every page. Even if you’ve never met or get to meet her in person her power of persuasion will have you creating the blueprint for “Next Level Living. It will be worth the investment and sacrificing 2 weeks of Starbucks for, promise. Let’s Begin, Pray and Grow Rich, A Faith Choice.
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