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Powher Book

Powher Book


Women need to define what power means for themselves in order to take hold of it. To reclaim agency over themselves. As women of faith we misconstrue what that actually looks like in practice because we are not reading, we are not researching and learning for ourselves. It’s important for us to approach life from our Natural lens (Fitrah) as women and not from that of men. We are most powerful when we stand in our fullness as women.

The barriers to women taking on more leadership roles:

  • Poor relationship building skills

  • Lack of access/understanding of spiritual information

  • Little knowledge of female role models of faith

  • Practical ways they can incorporate this information into their lifestyles.

In Powher, Halimah works to address many of the misconceptions about Hadith and ayah that govern the way women of faith should conduct themselves especially within their roles as community leaders, business owners, professional women and more. She also shares the different types of relationships powerful women need in order to thrive in their many roles. Also included are the stories of 7 female role models from the Islamic faith tradition and practical ways we can apply what we learn from them to our businesses and life.

“We need more women in leadership within our communities and society in order to create a world that benefits ALL. Equitable distribution of power will facilitate this, return balance and lead to our entire society’s progress. “ Halimah Deoliveira

Where women thrive, whole societies thrive.




*Autographed Hardcover Copies ship daily except Sunday!

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