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Not Without My Hijab: 11 Steps to Reclaiming Your Faith

Not Without My Hijab: 11 Steps to Reclaiming Your Faith

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Halimah's Sophomore book is taking the World by storm; Helping women and girls reclaim and embrace the beauty of faith.  Women often appear to suffer from the misconception that to be successful in business or accepted in society they have to diminish or denounce their faith or beliefs. In "Not Without My hijab", Halimah walks you through her personal journey to self discovery while navigating College, Corporate America and relationships. Halimah guides you through 11 Steps to Reclaiming Your Faith. In her travels as a business coach, she's encountered women cross culturally who face the same internal conflict regarding their religious identity and has written this book to help guide them back to being their most authentic selves so they can live their absolute best life.*All Classes and Books are Non-Refundable
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