Boss Hijabi's Save Challenge

Boss Hijabi's Save Challenge

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Our Boss Hijabi’s Save Challenge is officially in Week 5!!! Today is the last day of Month 1 and tomorrow we head into Month 2!!!⠀

I know many of you are like that’s a long challenge?!!! ⠀

If you’ve never been in one of my classes let me put you up on game.....I genuinely believe in the work that I do and I genuinely want to help the women I serve achieve their goals. Even if that means running alongside them as they go!! ⠀

Why do I do that? ⠀

Because I have had amazing female mentors who have run alongside me on my journey until I was strong enough to not only go on my own but bring other women along too. ⠀

Now that you know....⠀

The Boss Hijabi’s Save Challenge continues!! ⠀

Each participant is developing better spending habits through daily videos and resources. They are also saving towards paying down debt! If saving and earning money were easy everyone would do it!! The first 21 days are the hardest because you’re battling everything you’ve ever been told or thought about money. ⠀⠀
Some are saving to pay down debt; some to go on a family vacation as soon as it’s safe; Some are saving towards a down payment etc. We also just introduced how to invest a windfall that you weren’t expecting into ventures that will earn more money!! ⠀

Can’t wait for Month 2!! Don’t worry it’s not too late to join!! Click the link in this photo and join us for this challenge and you’ll be sent the Welcome email with link to our Private What’s App Group!!

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